The Actors Studio Academy @ klpac

The arts is a medium that can engage a person like no other medium can. Not only is it a form of expression but it challenges our thinking and assumptions as well as expand our understanding of people and the world. It helps develop creativity, cognition, understanding of culture and communication, qualities that we believe is important for our future generation of leaders.

The Actors Studio Academy@klpac is an integral part of The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. We engage artist-teachers who have hands on experience. We have direct link to the full-range of facilities such as the theatres, park and studios. We have a wide range of courses for children through to adults such as children’s theatre, acting, directing, writing, dance, vocal and gamelan. Visiting artistes often conduct workshops and master classes that benefit both local performers and the public.

The academy has run close to 200 courses for more than 2,500 students of all ages from children to adults. Student intake has more than doubled since 2005!

For more info or to find out what courses are on offer, email the academy or call +6 03 4047 9060